Kadasa Law Firm (KLF) was established in 1980, and since then it entered into association with a leading American Law Firm between 1981-2005. This distinguished professional relationship allowed us to qualify as one of the pioneer Law Firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), As well as in the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf Countries (GCC), specialized in different aspects of law.
We have had the honor and the privilege of Initiating and winning the ever first trademark infringement case in KSA, and initiating and winning the ever first patent infringement case in KSA history before the Committee of Patent Cases. We are also one of the first Law Firms that, had submitted patent applications in both the KSA in King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology, and the Patent Office of the GCC.
In 1996, our firm merged with Mr. Samir Shamma Law Office, which resulted in establishing Samir Shamma and Nassir Kadasa Law Firm As a consequence, our business had been widened and expanded and witnessed considerable improvement in the provided and diversified services, in different fields of patents, trademarks as well as other legal consultation affairs. The new Company lasted for seven years, until the death of Mr. Samir Shamma “God Bless his Soul”, and then the office had been divided administratively into two sections:

First: The Legal Consultation and Attorney’s Section:
This section provides business consultations over foreign investment, incorporating companies, initiating cases and pleadings before judicial authorities and relevant commissions, and all other matters related to legal consultations and law practices. Such services are provided by a distinguished, well trained, highly qualified and experience staff, which includes: a number of Western consultants, four Saudi national attorneys, and a number of consultants from Sudan, Lebanon and other Arab Countries. The staff has obtained their academic qualifications from recognized and most prestigious universities and gained their accumulated legal experience by working in various prestigious law firms with distinguished experience based on the principal legal systems of the world.

Second: Intellectual Property Section:
This section works under Kadasa and Partners Company. It became an independent specialized section for IP due to the increased workload in the field. The section has five consultants with high qualifications and rich experiences in the IP. As well as, a team with long practical experience in the IP field. This enabled us to open branches and have agents around the world, as well as recruiting technical experts who could not be recruited under the umbrella of law profession; such as (monitoring markets to compact trademarks infringements, anti-commercial fraud, and borders measures by Customs Authority, etc.). It is worth noting that, despite the division of sections mentioned above, the sections are integrated with each other, so that each section complete the other.