Order No. 2385 as amended by Lebanese Law of 31.01.1946.


International Classification of goods and services. An application can include goods and/or services in any number of classes but a separate official fee is to be paid for each class. It is possible to file for protection in an entire class of goods.


Registration is valid for 15 years from the date of filing and renewable for similar periods. A grace period of 3 months from expiration is allowed for filing a late renewal.


Use of a trademark in Lebanon is not compulsory for filing applications or maintaining registrations.


Trademark applications are examined as to whether it is contrary to the public order and morals or representing national or foreign decorations as well as to its registrability and existence of prior rights. There is no provision for opposition and once the trademark is accepted the Certificate of Registration will be due for issuance.


The assignment of a trademark may be with or without the goodwill of the business concerned. The recordation of an assignment must be made within one month from their date. Late recordation is possible subject to payment of a fine.


The assignment of a trademark is possible with or without the goodwill of the business concern. The recordal of assignment/merger must be made within a period of 3 months from the date of assignment/merger; otherwise, a late fine will be due against each trademark every 2 month-delay after the 3-month grace period for recording the related assignment/merger.


In Lebanon, the use of a trademark is not compulsory for filing applications, maintaining trademark registration in force, or for renewal or maintenance of a trademark. Prior use constitutes the main criteria in determining proprietorship of a trademark, and is never considered as a pre-requisite for registration, or even a requirement to maintain that registration valid and enforced in the future. A trademark registration is cancelled only through a court action filed by a prior user, requesting such cancellation.


Unauthorized use of a registered trademark, an imitation of a trademark applied on goods of the same class, sale, storing for the purpose of sale, exhibiting for sale of goods bearing a counterfeit mark, or using a mark duly by another party in order to serve the purpose of unauthorized promotion of goods of the same class are all offenses punishable under the law.