Border Measures

As a first entry point for handling infringing or counterfeit goods, Kadasa IP has useful services catering to the needs of our client. We offer following services to our valuable clients:

  • Preparing and filing recordals of Intellectual Property Rights with Custom departments to make use of surveillance procedures.
  • Coordination with Customs Authorities for enforcement of intellectual property rights under local laws of countries and under common Custom law of GCC member countries.
  • Coordination with Custom Authorities from first entry seizures until destruction or as provided in the law, keeping the infringing goods out of business channel.

A procedure for trademark protection through the Saudi Customs

Saudi Customs established an internal IPR Unit, which would create a database for Customs’ use to assist with enforcement against forged and counterfeit goods.

It is possible to formally request Customs surveillance for protection of trademarks against counterfeiting and infringement. Such request requires recordal of relevant trademarks with Customs. The recordal application is placed through a local agent holding a Memorandum of understanding with Customs Authority.

It is possible for the IP rights owner to file any number of applications for recordal of its IP rights with the Saudi Customs. It is also possible to file separate applications for a single IP registration or for groups of registrations. Copyrighted material associated with the patent are recordable; for example, pamphlets, manuals, labels, packaging designs, etc.  Customs may stop goods in transit if suspected of violation of IP rights.

The recordal with Customs renders the rights holders entitled to receive immediate notifications from the various Saudi Customs ports on incoming suspected shipments bearing the protected IP rights and file confirmation on the status and nature of the shipment. The procedure proved to be an effective measure to combat counterfeit goods in the local market.

Border Measures